冰岛可能不是想到作为首位 蜜月胜地 (除非你是一个 权力的游戏 风扇,这是),但这个岛国是离开这个世界。对于 喜欢冒险的旅行者 who prefer black-sand beaches over tropical isles; thundering waterfalls over gentle waves; and lagoons over hot tubs, it's the closest thing to heaven on Earth. If that sounds like the adventure you and your spouse-to-be have been searching for, here's everything you need to know about planning the ultimate Icel和 honeymoon.


冰岛是接近美国比大多数人认为的。它只有大约从纽约市五个小时的飞机路程,使它成为完美的中途停留的位置,如果你打算长期 欧洲度蜜月。跳上通过冰岛直飞的航班,你知道它之前,你会在凯夫拉维克国际机场到达。让冰岛蜜月开始了!



距离凯夫拉维克国际机场仅有20分钟,旅游观光的雷克雅未克(冰岛首都)的45分钟可达谎言格林达维克镇和绕组墙壁 撤退酒店。这62套房的酒店坐落在百年历史的熔岩坑和苔藓高原壮丽的景观,并拥有简洁的北欧风格设计,基于放松和复兴的精神。你能想到什么更好的那些个月后花 快三计划群策划?所有的套房都是免费的安宁电视的终极的,而作为交换的所有客房均配备独特冰岛地形的超凡脱俗的美景。


The best part? The Retreat is located on a private inlet of the UNESCO Global Geopark, right alongside the waters of the famous Blue Lagoon itself! (More on that below.) In fact, some of the suites even offer in-room access to the Blue Lagoon. Simply open up the glass door that leads outside 和 float out into those milky blue waters you've seen all over Instagram的.



冰岛美食是非常新鲜的,这要归功于当地的海鲜和根茎类蔬菜的赏金,并且包括传统的菜肴,如龙虾汤,炖羊肉,和plokkfiskur。敬酒你的快三计划群,预定在厨师的表一对在座位 苔餐厅 within 撤退酒店. There you'll dine on a seven-course feast with wine pairings that's full of local seasonal ingredients and modern spins on classic Icelandic recipes. Expect dishes like hand-caught scallops, reindeer from Eskifjörður, and fresh cod 和 lobster from Grindavík. 再加上,厨师的表本身是从实际的岩浆岩(散热效果如何?)雕刻的,而你吃饭,你可以在火山地平线的意见喝,由于2019年米其林指南 - 的地板到天花板的窗户推荐餐厅。

而在走出去探索格林达维克,停止在海旁咬 bryggjan,小地道的渔民的咖啡厅,墙壁上堆放着帆船纪念品和最美味的家常汤龙虾供应。

如果你想花一个晚上在邻近雷克雅未克,你会发现现场音乐俱乐部,啤酒屋,和威士忌酒吧。甚至还有一个 谋杀绿脚趾为主题的酒吧!




The crowning jewel of 撤退酒店 is the Blue Lagoon itself. You might (okay, obviously) have heard of it. 蓝色泻湖 is a ge其他mal spa, famous for its warm milky-blue waters (temperatures are around 98° to 104°F), silica, 和 for being on the bucket list of just about 大家 you know.

Thousands of people every year venture to the Blue Lagoon to bathe in its tranquil waters, which means two things. One, bathing in the warm blue reservoir is worth the trek; and two, it's bound to get crowded. However, the Retreat removes the crowds from the equation, giving you 和 your new spouse a peaceful place to soak in the healing waters.

撤退的泻湖从公众蓝色泻湖分开,如温水流经公共泳池成 撤退温泉 for a secluded subsection reserved for hotel guests and spa patrons only. You'll enter the spa through the hotel lob通过 and from there, you can wade into the Retreat's Lagoon, a private waterscape that crawls between black-stone ravines and is seemingly a million miles away from the tourists in the public Blue Lagoon. The waters are relaxing 和 serene, offering plenty of places to cuddle up with your partner. 并且在泻湖电话免费,你仍然可以捕捉那些 蜜月照片 for Instagram的. You'll often see the hotel staff walking around the Retreat's Lagoon, asking guests if they'd like to have their photos taken (the snapshots will then be sent to your email). Possibly best of all, there is even a float-up bar where you can toast your new marriage with a glass of champagne while soaking in the warm waters. 专家提示: 同时治疗身体和心灵,二氧化硅和藻类在泻湖水非常的头发,所以冒险尝试,外套您的秀发护发素之前干燥。


The Retreat Spa itself is built into an 800-year-old lava flow and the treatments there center around the naturally rejuvenating powers of the ge其他mal seawater. Their signature treatments even take place in the lagoon itself! We bet you never experienced anything like the in-water massage, where you lay atop a floating mattress within the lagoon as a masseuse works out every knot you got on the flight over. Serious question: Is this Icel和 or heaven?


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一个更轻松的行程,出席在撤退的瑜伽室,提供周围景观的壮丽景色的引导瑜伽课程。 (你会需要它从所有恢复 快三计划群压力!)

You can also take a day trip to explore Iceland's Golden Circle from near通过 Reykjavik, Iceland's capital located just 45-minutes from the Retreat. A 300-kilometer circular driving route, the Golden Circle can be explored in as little as a few hours and boasts a host of natural wonders such as Thingvellir National Park (a UNESCO World Heritage site), Strokkur geyser (an active geyser that erupts with plumes of steam every few minutes), Gullfoss waterfall (which thunders into the canyon of the Hvítá river), and even Icel和ic horses.


饿了甚至更多的冒险?尽量降400英尺成一座休眠火山。旅游公司 火山内部 从雷克雅未克每天提供休眠火山þríhnúkagígur的探洞之旅。 (对真的。)

你不能谈论冰岛蜜月而不提 北极光。 (请相信我们,当你回家 大家 will be asking if you saw it!) Booking your honeymoon between the months of October and March offers the best chance of seeing this incredible natural phenomenon, 和 staying in Grindavík—which has much less light pollution than Reykjavik—will also increase your chances. But there's no need to spend every night outside in the cold, staring at the sky in hopes of catching a glimpse. (你可能有 其他 nightly activities to attend to... .) The Retreat Hotel offers a wake-up service, so you can have the front desk phone your room if the 北极光 make an appearance during the night. You can then head up to the rooftop terrace to get a front-row seat to the most spectacular light show in the world.

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